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Chocolate Guarana Coffee Energy Balls

Vegan Chocolate bites made from Guarana Coffee that are full of energy and absolute deliciousness!

Chocolate Guarana Coffee Energy Balls

Hiya friends! How are you all?

I’m soooo excited to tell you about our 4 day trip around England last week. But first. I wanna tell you about these Amazing Energy Balls. Cause they ARE Amazing! Filled with Guarana Coffee and lots of more delicious stuff. Like honey. Which by the way is my dads own honey. I’ll tell you about it later.

So the Energy balls. Why are they so special and delicious? I tell you why:

  • The best ingredient inside: Guarana Coffee Alternative. Which has been my daily-morning-most favorite-wake up coffee of all time. Well. For about 4 months now. I still love a regular coffee though. Don’t have me for a weirdo here. Plus. I love Starbucks so. No need to make a point here. But the Guarana Coffee in the morning just gives me this pleasure of a Healthy Coffee, which by the way tastes amazing. I think you wouldn’t even notice the difference. Maybe just a little. But as I said. The pleasure of a good hot coffee in your morning cup is still there.
  • HONEY! My dads own Honey people! (I’m so excited to talk about my dads own honey. No idea why.) My dad has bees. And therefore he has a honey. Lots of different kinds of honey. Depending on what the bees bring you throughout the year. Isn’t the Home Made Honey just the best in the world?
  • Luxury and mindblowing texture.
  • Full of ENERGY! Cause Honey, Dates, Almonds… Then again, Guarana.
  • Can have them as a breakfast. After breakfast treats. After lunch treats (no judge). As a school or a work energy shot. Even as a dessert.
  • No-bake!
  • Healthy and Vegan. But not like healthy-healthy. More like Delicious Healthy. Remember that!
  • You can steal them from a fridge anytime.
  • Oh. Did I say they are filled with a Guarana Coffee?

And another thing. They are my nutritious-energy-hunger killers’ number one!

So now. Abot our trip around England.

Well. It’s not that much Around England. It was just a few trips and stops in England. Cause we had just 4 days for it. But we still saw a lot.

So. My parents and family came to England to visit us here. So we planned some trips to show them in England and some amazing places. Which we also never seen before. So it was a first time for them and for us as well. With me and Adam we were 6 people so we rented a car for the whole trip. Unfortunately, we had some issues with renting a car. So we had some delays on this trip. But next morning we took a rented car and the trip could begin.

The first place we went to was Englands famous Stonehenge. For the people that don’t believe in mysteries it’s just not for them. Not that they are not allowed to come here to see the Stonehenge. It’s just those people just don’t believe in that kind of things. So they don’t have that much interest in Stonehenge. Not to mention How the Stonehenge was even built. It was a really nice place though. And I really started to wonder about Stonehenge. How it was built. Why. What for. Who built it. So right after the trip, I started googling and watching some videos on youtube about Stonehenge. Well. I like these kinds of things that make me wonder and question. Plus. I believe in mysteries.

Next day we went straight to Dover. And I gotta say. It is my most favorite place in England so far. I was so nice and beautiful. Very magical place. We were up on huge cliffs that are I don’t know how high. Nature was very nice. I really enjoyed our time there. It was a trip that took us few hours. And I didn’t regret any minute of it. If it wouldn’t be so windy (and it was very very windy, like blowing) and our parking spot wouldn’t expire soon I would stay there until complete sundown. The view of the ocean was wonderful. And I swear that we even saw France from there. It’s just a few miles away so, it can be possible, right?

I will never forget this trip to Dover. I was fulfilled with happiness up there. If I would recommend anybody any place in England it would definitely be Dover!

Next day was just London (Dah), some churches, castles, gardens, parks. Regular stuff.

And The End of the trip wouldn’t be without great coffee in a Starbucks!

So. I’m very grateful for this trip. I had a very nice time with my family and Adam, which I’m so happy they could come here.

Have you ever been to England? Or any favorite places you really enjoyed and would recommend? Let me know! I’m all open for another trips, and adventures.

Oh and. Enjoy the Energy Balls. Hope you make them and like them.


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