The Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers: 25 of The Most Popular Boxes, Bundles & Subscriptions

The Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers: 25 of The Most Popular Boxes, Bundles & Subscriptions

The ideal recipient of your coffee present is someone who enjoys the coffee. However every person is unique. Some people just are looking for a quick shot, and don’t really care where the beans come from. Others at the more hip side of the spectrum need to know the exact name of the person who planted the beans roast, who roasted it, the grind and the pressure of the machine , and other things. The majority of people fall between these two extremes, however these gifts span the entire range of the spectrum.

Based on the British Coffee Association, around 95 million cups of coffee is consumed every day in UK alone, which means it’s safe to say that it’s pretty widely loved. However, there is a growing amount of consumers finding the best teas to replace coffee! Coffee-based gifts are still effective because coffee is something we drink all the time. It won’t be a case of forgetting or re-gifting here. Instead gifts will be appreciated quickly, and most likely to be repurchased (the final proof that your gift was perfect). In the spirit of repurchasing we’ve added several great coffee subscriptions since this trend isn’t going to go away.

You might be wondering what the variety of gifts available actually are. We can assure you that there is plenty of choices other than a good coffee bag. There’s an enormous selection of options in the realm of coffee-related gifts. From gift sets, flavoured coffees to subscriptions and accessories There’s bound to be something to make a smile appear on the faces of your coffee-loving present recipient.

There are so many kinds of coffee gift ideas to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to look and what to purchase. To help you, we’ve put together a checklist below that will help you find the best coffee gift available. We’ve included different types of coffee gifts that cover all price ranges and so there’s bound to be something that will fit the needs of the recipient.

Best Coffee Subscription Services

If you’re looking to buy something different for a present then why not gift someone an annual coffee subscription? The thing that coffee subscriptions provide is regularly fresh coffee directly to your doorstep, making sure that you’ll never run out. There are a variety of services available, but here are our top choices.

Rave Coffee Subscription

The reason: Rave the Coffee’s service for subscriptions is about sustainability, simplicity, and affordable. Choose between traditional coffee and even discovery coffee, choose the method you prefer to make your coffee, and you’re off to the races. You’ll be able to choose the amount of coffee you’d like to be delivered each month, and you can even avail of gift wrapping for free. Coffee also comes with cute little notes that tell you about the origin as well as tasting notes.
How much: Starting at £7.95
Sign up to Rave Coffee Subscription

Union Coffee Subscription

The reason: If you’re looking to purchase subscriptions for someone who is a pro at their coffee, then Union Coffee’s service might be exactly what you’re searching for. They offer a variety of specialty coffees, the flexible service lets you select the coffee you’d like or let it be chosen by you, with the option of having it delivered on a weekly every fortnight, or on a monthly basis. It is also possible to upgrade to a premium or rare plan that gives access to a selection of special coffees that are micro-lots.
How much: from £14.95
Sign up to Union Coffee Subscription

Caravan Coffee Roasters Subscription

The reason: Caravan has been among the top cafés located in London It now has several branches. But, they’ve added a third string to its bow by offering the best delivery service for coffee. Its ordering procedure is among the most simple to use you can choose from a variety of blends, then choose what frequency you’d like your coffee delivered, and you’re set. The exceptional quality of Caravan’s beans is undisputed.
What is the cost: Starting at £28.50 for a 3-month subscription
Sign up to Caravan Coffee Roasters Subscription

Ps. a great alternative to Caravan Coffee Roasters is Cannonball Coffee. Ninja Refinery’s Canonnonball Coffee review describes it as “A sharp, slightly bitter, but well-fragranced cup mean that you get a genuinely nice tasting and properly balanced coffee. I do wonder if some of the sharpness comes from the high-caffeine content of the bean? It’s likely a natural taste that’s been properly handled by Cannonball”.

Volcano Coffee Works Subscription

The reason: Volcano Coffee Works was established in 2010 with a single goal: develop an ethical roastery which would offer excellent quality coffee into the UK and support the local community and the farmers. Today, the company sells subscriptions, brew kits and much more. There are a variety choices to pick from which include the “roaster’s choice”, with various beans chosen for you every month. Additionally the farmers who plant the beans are paid twice the amount of Fair Trade standard. Volcano also make bio-degradable, Nespresso compatible pods.
What is the cost: Starting at £10.50 per month
Sign up to Volcano Coffee Works Coffee Subscription

Assembly Coffee Subscription

The reason: Assembly Coffee is an expensive subscription when compared to the other options listed on the list. You can choose from a variety of options, along with stylish coffee accessories such as minimalist coffee makers and cups. The subscriptions are referred to as combinations, modern and classic and each comes with an assortment of different roasts and beans.
How much: £21.00
Sign up to Assembly Coffee Subscription

Pact Coffee Subscription

The reason: Once you arrive upon the Pact website, you’ll be able to see what they’re offering: simple, no fuss coffee. The company served 21 million cups of coffee in 2020 and has shown no signs in slowing. You can pick your favorite coffee, decide how often you’d like to drink it and you can cancel or change your schedule at anytime.
How much: Starting at £6.95
Sign up to Pact Coffee Subscription

Balance Coffee Subscription

The reason: the Balance plan is an low-cost, flexible service worth looking into. They take coffee seriously and focuses on ethically-sourced beans from the top farms around the world. There are a variety of choices , such as roast, bean as well as grinds, customers are able to pick bundles that emphasize exploration, energy or even relaxation.
The amount: from £8.50
Sign up to Balance Coffee Subscription

Best Coffee Accessories

Because coffee is one kind of hot drink there are many various coffee-related accessories and gifts available. Here are our top picks for the top gifts for coffee fans.


The reason: This gadget requires an introduction. Created by the same man that created that of the Flying Disc, this coffee maker meets all the criteria. It’s portable. It’s lightweight. Every part can be replaced. It’s simple and quick to utilize. What else could you ask for?
How much: PS30
Buy the AeroPress

Bespoke Hidden Message Handmade Mug

The reason: Make your present more special by adding a personal note. The mug that you make yourself is not only perfect for bringing coffee into your mouth, but also hides a message in the bottom. When the person who received the gift has finished their cup of coffee and the message is read out, it’s exposed. What you write within those 45 characters is entirely up to you.
What is the cost: £24.95
Buy the Bespoke Hidden Message Handmade Mug

Delonghi Dedica Style EC685.M Pump Espresso

The reason: We needed to add a complete, barista-style machine in this list and this one is certainly the most efficient. It’s not inexpensive however it comes equipped with free shot glasses for espresso. This elegant Italian machine can make you a smooth, perfect espresso each time. It also comes with an milk frother, which means you can drink any type of macchiato, from the pumpkin spiced lattes (pumpkins are not included).
What is the cost: £189.00
Buy the Dedica Style EC685.M Pump Espresso

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother

The reason: Milk Frothers have made significant progress. What was once an unreliable electric whisk has now evolved into a sleek, silent machine that can heat and foam the milk according to your preferences. Of all the modern-day frothers Lavazza’s MilkEasy is the most cost-effective. It makes cold or hot foam that is suitable for all kinds of coffee. It also comes with an auto-clean feature.
How much: £59.00
Buy the Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother

BODUM Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Filter as well as Cork Band

The reason: We are aware that there’s a variety of coffee makers and coffee machines in the market, but because of its simple design, elegant appearance and low cost we believe that BODUM’s pour-over coffee maker is difficult to beat. With a beautiful cork band that runs around the middle and an stainless steel filter which means you’ll never have to buy paper filters ever again. Another benefit for this machine is it’s extremely simple to wash.
How much: £60
Buy the BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker

Scoop of Coffee Scoop with Clip

The reason: This sleek stainless-steel coffee spoon is essential for those who struggle to extract coffee from the bag using only one teaspoon. It’s been made with an inbuilt crocodile clip that ensures that it can remain permanently connected to the coffee grind, and seals the bag to ensure that your coffee is kept fresh.
What is the cost: £17.75
Purchase the Coffee Scoop with Clip

Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit

The reason: Not all people are able to claim that they’ve grown their own new coffee plant. This kit has everything you require to get started and is a great gift for coffee lovers and plant lovers alike. The kit comes equipped with two mini terracotta potsas well as a saucer and the most important seeds, the person you purchase this kit will be growing your own coffee within a matter of minutes!
What is the cost: £17.95
Buy the Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The reason: It’s open to debate whether or not a coffee mug requires a makeover, but we can’t resist this gadget. It’s the Ember smart mug lets users to set the temperature that your coffee should be at through an app. It will maintain the temperature until you’ve reached your desired temperature for an entire hour or if it’s left on the charger coaster, it will remain hot throughout the day. It might cost you a dollar, but can you put a price tag on the price of a cup of cold coffee?
What is the cost: £99.99
Buy the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Set of Six Coloured Espresso Cups

The reason: We’re convinced that no kitchen should be without the espresso cups They also are great gifts. The set of six espresso cups in stoneware have a distinct 70’s style and all are finished different, making them especially colorful. If they weren’t already the perfect gift for anyone else the cups also benefit from being microwave and dishwasher safe.
How much: £42
Buy the Set of Six Coloured Espresso Cups

Best Coffee Gift Sets and Coffee Hampers

If you’re having trouble choosing the best coffee present to give someone else, a coffee gift set is the perfect alternative. These are our top hampers and coffee gift sets that are available.

M&S Coffee Lovers Gift Box

The reason: Marks and Sparks have always come up to make gift boxes, and this one isn’t an exception. It’s more of a starter pack rather than a gift box that includes everything you’ll need to make a wonderful cup of Joe and includes the silver coffee cup scoop and mug shortbread biscuits with all-butter butter dark chocolate, hazelnuts coated with coffee, Kenyan as well as Peruvian ground coffee, and Rwandan Sholi coffee grounds, packed in a classy gift box.
What is the cost: £50
Buy the M&S Coffee Lovers Gift Box

Boyd Hampers Coffee & Luxury Chocolate Hampers

The reason: Boyd Hampers are one of the new kids on the block and they have some interesting selections of hampers on offer. This is a great gift filled with luxury chocolates, several bags of grinded coffee from local roasters such as Bailies Coffee or Ristretto Coffee Roasters and North Coast Co. You can find even more different baskets on their site like their popular fresh fruit hampers and much more.
What is the cost: £49.95
Buy the Boyd Hampers Coffee & Luxury Chocolate Hampers

Good alternative if the person doesn’t like chocolate (I know, who doesn’t like chocolate?), but they have a selection of coffee beans with their fresh fruit hampers which are only available for delivery within the UK.

Fortnum & Mason Mini Coffee Selection

The reason: To get a less sexy present with lots of flavor, this small coffee from Fortnum’s is the perfect choice. Try three coffees: Breakfast (Central America, and Colombia) and connoisseur (South America Arabica) and King’s (Fortnum’s most renowned blend). Each is packaged in a chic tin that is reusable by the coffee-loving person you are gifting it to.
What is the cost: £18.95
Buy the Fortnum & Mason Mini Coffee Selection

Whittard Coffees of the World Gift Set

The reason: There are numerous different blends of coffee out there, it’s difficult to figure out where to begin when you’re trying to pick a coffee for someone who is not yours. This amazing gift set from Whittard of Chelsea will allow you to make a decision, as it contains nine different varieties of coffee that come from different parts of the globe. This is an ideal gift for people who are just beginning to learn about coffee but are still trying to find their preferred varieties.
How much: £28
Buy the Coffees of the World Gift Set

Rise Coffee Gourmet Gift Box

The reason: If you’re seeking to gift someone high-end, sustainable and quality coffee, Rise Coffee’s gift basket for gourmet coffee might be the ideal gift. Each box comes with two bags of whole bean or ground coffee from some of the best UK independent roasters. Rise Coffee particularly prides itself in being a green company which is why even the container that the coffee is shipped in is constructed of recycled cardboard.
The amount: £20
Buy the Rise Coffee Gourmet Gift Box

L’Or Grand Assortment

The reason: You know someone who is interested in coffee pods This is the perfect gift to give them. We’ve tested many various pod brands and found that L’Or is the most price for the price. Our office is largely run on the pods. The selection includes 20 different flavors of pods, and 10 of each. This is 200 pods for PS65 A bargain.
What is the cost: £65
Buy the L’Or Grand Assortment

Best Flavoured Coffee and Coffee-Flavoured Food Gifts

These days, there are more businesses today that are creating unique flavours of coffee and coffee-flavoured foods and snacks, which are both beautiful gifts. These are our favorite coffee-flavored presents and coffee-flavored food gifts.

Kocktail Espresso Martini

The reason: A list of coffee-related gifts would not be complete without an espresso martini or two. Making these drinks can be an issue but that’s the reason Kocktail has taken care of the work to make the one the top drinks in bottles we’ve ever tried. Kocktail’s award-winning drinks can be delivered directly to your home the following day (as as your order is received prior to 1pm). The only thing the recipient of the gift must do is shake the mix with some ice, and then take a sip.
How much: £25
Buy the Kocktail Espresso Martini

Whittard Flavoured Coffee Gift Set

The reason: It can be difficult to figure out what flavor people enjoy in their coffees since everyone has certain preferences. This is the reason this flavored coffee gift set by Whittard in Chelsea is a fantastic choice. It contains boxes of hazelnut, amaretto, vanilla and salted caramel-flavored coffee, you can be certain that the person you decide to gift the set to is a lover of at most one of these flavors.
The amount: £20
Buy the Whittard of Chelsea Flavoured Coffee Gift Set

Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Espresso Beans

The reason: A little bit of chocolate will always be a popular present. What is more perfect gift to coffee enthusiasts than chocolate-coated espresso beans? The beans are coated in milk or white chocolate, as well as dark or white and are the perfect post-dinner dessert. They can also be a fantastic alternative gift for someone searching for something smaller to complement a larger present.
The amount: £7
Buy the Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Espresso Beans

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

The reason: If you’re hoping to be a little more adventurous in the flavor of the coffee you’re giving someone Coffee with a Beanies flavor could be the perfect solution. The jars of instant coffee are available in a variety of flavors, ranging between mint chocolate, toasty marshmallows all the way the savoury Jaffa Cake and sticky toffee pudding.
What is the cost: £4 for 4 containers
Buy Beanies Flavoured Coffee

What is Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso?

What is Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso?

If you’re like me and are grieving that the Starbucks holiday menu is only available only once per year, there’s an incredible espresso drink available at the coffee chain which you might or might not have heard of -which will make you get up and running in the morning, even if you’ve not had that first cup in a while.

What is this miracle drink? Well, it’s the Starbucks Blonde Espresso. Find out what exactly Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso is and how it could transform the way you purchase your morning coffee below.

It’s not for all. It took me a few rebuffed sips and decades of drinking tea to get an appreciation for it. It wasn’t until I was uncomfortable refusing a cappuccino in the coffee shop located in Rome that I tried a sip and discovered that, quite surprisingly I enjoyed the powerful espresso and the frothy milk concoction.

I felt enlightened or, more accurately in a sense, awakened. My experience was likely because the coffee was not as strong, rather it was smooth and the espresso didn’t overwhelm my taste buds. This is what Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso is about. It’s likely that you’ve observed that Starbucks offers a variety of kinds of coffees that range from the Pike Place medium roast to their Blonde light roast. while they say that Pike Place tastes a bit bitter and stronger.

The Blonde roast is lighter and more smooth. “The blonde espresso is better in terms of flavor since it isn’t as harsh … it’s going to have a lighter, more citrusy flavor, causing it to taste a bit more acidic,” former Starbucks barista Michael Verhoek informs Bustle. Are you looking for a motive to drink a blonde? “It mixes better with other flavors when made in a latte since the espresso isn’t really battling the other flavors of the latte.”

The brand new Blonde Espresso is similar when it is compared to Starbucks Other espresso blends: It’s lighter in roast, which means there’s less bitterness. It’s a pleasant choice that even those who don’t enjoy bitter coffee might find appealing.

If you feel that espresso is just too for you to handle, without the assistance of sugar and milk I would suggest ordering the latest Blonde Espresso lovers, whether you’re a person who can handle the double shot of dark espresso, or who’s only beginning to explore something different from tea.

So how much caffeine in in Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso? Its “light roast” has a “natural sweetness” but don’t be deceived by the name. “Light” doesn’t mean less caffeine. In the words of Starbucks in an announcement, “contrary to popular thought, this light roasted espresso has just as much caffeine as its dark roasted sibling!” Phew.

With a roast that is lighter that we’re able to get the energy boost that we require for a full day of delving through our emails, managing our group text messages, and making sure that we nail that presentation. In terms of how it tastes, Starbucks continued, “to make Blonde Espresso, our coffee team lightly roasted Latin American and East African beans to bring out their bright, sweet citrus notes and smooth body.

Blonde beverages have hints of lemon, orange, and caramel.” If you’re interested in learning more about the espresso lifestyle and want to try it, this is the ideal roast to get in the family.

“There is about 150 mg of caffeine in the signature espresso and 170 mg of caffeine in the blonde espresso,” says Verhoek. “However, in terms of flavor, the blonde espresso is not going to taste as bitter as the signature.”

In addition, the drink created Starbucks history. According to Starbucks, the drink is the very first time in more than 40 years that an espresso drink was added to their permanent menu. It was a bit of an event. Customers can pick their own path with regard to espresso drinks. If you are at the counter to order your drink this morning, you can be one of the first to make it a Blonde latte.